čekám na tramvaj, Vanda je v kapse :-))The width is 74 cm before shrinkage and 71 cm after shrinkage. By length is meant the length of one side. Some producers state the length before shrinkage. After washing the cloth shrinks about half of a meter (we state the length of Vatanai baby sling after shrinkage). The length depends on different types of positions you decide to carry your baby and also on your size. Vatanai baby slings are usually 2,5 and 5 meters long.


The most advantageous shape is a rhomboid. E.g. to get 4 meter long baby sling (after shrinkage) it is being made out of 4,3 meters. To tie the baby sling you will use the whole length of the cloth and you can even tie tail tips to a knot. If the hem is strait you will not be able to tie a knot. From rhomboid shaped baby sling you can tie more variations than from the baby sling with strait ends. On top of that uneven tips fall loosely and look nicer.

Quality of material

The baby sling must be resilient crosswise to be able to shape it better. Some baby slings are resilient also on warp or weft. It is not necessary but does not cause trouble either. Another important quality is gliding of material. When the fabric is too smooth the baby sling does not cling to a baby well which makes tying difficult. In case the fabric is not smooth enough it prevents from tying the knot firmly. Producers of baby slings should guarantee the best possible quality in this sense. Particularly the producers must also guarantee that the fabric is harmless to health, which excludes the presence of dangerous substances as loose formaldehyde, heavy metals etc. As it is usual with other goods, baby slings are also of better or worse quality. Length of guarantee period can become the buying guide for parents.


It is important that the lengthwise hems are turned under and sewn down (best with elastic sew). It is the only way how to prevent the hems, which are stressed most, from pulling out of the shape. The change of the shape reduces the functionality of the baby sling. It is then difficult to tie the sling properly in a way which supports the body of a baby.