Is it difficult to learn how to tie a baby sling? Could even I learn it?

Everybody can learn how to tie a baby sling. There are more ways how to tie a baby sling as opposed to carriers where exists only one. It takes longer to learn them all though. On the other hand different position is suitable for each age so you learn them progressively. If you buy a baby sling for older child and you want to use more positions you can learn for example two positions a week. Together with baby sling you will receive detailed instructions. You can stick it to the mirror when practicing each position. If you have any doubts you can call us for help.

Can I tie my baby to each position without help of other person?

Yes, you can. The best thing about our baby sling is that you are completely self-sufficient and there are more ways how to use it.

I worry that a baby is too twisted in a baby sling. Can it harm baby’s spine?

I hear this question very often - mostly concerning newborns. A baby is for nine months safely hidden in mother’s tummy, huddled up in a fetal position and naturally rocked by mother’s movements. After the birth all perceptions like cold, warmth, noise, sharp light, hunger, thirst are new to him. If we give him at least some of the conditions he already knows we make the beginning of his life with us easier. For newborns the Cradle carry is the most suitable position. It reminds a baby the positions in mother’s tummy (a baby lies in fetal position close to mother’s body and can feel the common smell, heartbeat and rhythm of movements he knows well already). His head is supported by the cloth and therefore there is no pressure on vertebras (as it happens in carriers). That is why this is the one of the few ways how to carry a newborn which is recommended by physiologist.

I am worried that my back will hurt?

When after the birth you change 12 kilos of heavy weight for four kilos of newborn you should feel it as relieve. Then your child puts on weight gradually and your body gets slowly used to it. When a child is held close to your body a centre of gravity deflects less. Therefore carrying your child is less tiring. Another way how to reach relieve is to change positions.

Up to what age of a child I can use a baby sling?

You can use Vatanai baby sling as long as you please and as long as your child likes it. European children are being carried usually until they are two and half years old.

My child is ten months old. Does it worth to buy a baby sling now?

The oldest child I helped to get a baby sling for (which was not possible to buy at that time) was fifteen months old. They still use the sling very much. Lately a mother of two years old bought a Vatanai baby sling when she got fed up of pushing empty pushchair for a case her son could take a short ride once or twice a day. Of course she hopes to use the baby sling for other child later on.

I would like to know if a child can fall out of baby sling. Is it possible that a knot would untie?

This can happen to some cheaper slings bought abroad or in case you use a fabric which is not intended for carrying children. As with any other goods there are higher or lower quality baby slings brands. We produce all our baby slings from best material and in such a way to prevent all these problems. We were eager to produce baby slings of high quality but also at reasonable price. In this case we prefer quality to the number of designs.

I am worried that baby’s motion development will be restricted when carrying baby most of the time. I belive babies need freedom of movement.

Babies carried in baby slings lean closely to mother’s body. Any mother’s movement stimulate baby’s motion system and makes him balance each movement. That is why physiologists use baby slings for therapeutic purposes. Babies carried in baby slings have better stability than other children of the same age.

Will I spoil my child by carrying him around?

In my opinion (and according to many books) child needs close contact with their parents more than people think. I have changed my view on children in this sense a lot. Today I consider a “not normal” child the one who does not want to be close and even resents it. When I carried my daughter (who wanted to be carried and asked for it very often and loudly) I used to hear: “She is spoiled. You spoiled her and now you will not get rid off her.” etc. (The same I heard about breastfeeding. I used to breastfeed my daughter for two years and when giving up she did not shed a tear.) Sometimes I had some doubts. They might have been right. There are many of them and I stand against them only with my intuition and with a few books. Today I only laugh at it when I see our two year old independent and well-balanced girl, who is able to concentrate well and all these same people admire her. And she wants to carry only occasionally now.