Here is everything you want to know about Vatanai baby wraps

Advantages of carrying babies in Vatanai baby wrap:
šátek je též elegantní doplněk

- Vatanai baby wraps are suitable for babies from birth – No baby is too small for the wrap.

- In the Vatanai baby wrap, you can carry your baby in a variety of positions depending on the weight of your baby and how long you plan to carry your baby. You can easily change positions whenever needed.

- All positions are physiologically beneficial compared to other types of carriers. Physiologists recommend carrying babies in baby wraps rather than other types of carriers.

- In a baby wrap, a newborn can curl up into the fetal position like in the mother's womb. The baby can smell the familiar smell, hear the mother's heartbeat, and feel the same rhythmic rocking which brings a sense of security. This makes it easier to adjust to all of the baby’s new perceptions like cold, loud noises, bright lights, hunger, thirst, etc.

- Babies who are carried often suffer less separation anxiety, cry less and become independent earlier.

- While carrying baby in a baby wrap your hands are free.spokojená maminka chová batole v šátku

- The wrap allows you the freedom to get on the bus or tram, or through any door without help.

- You can go places where mothers with carriages aren’t allowed.

- When walking or hiking, you can go everywhere with your baby when you carry them; Carriages inhibit your ability to walk on rough terrain.

- The baby wrap is light, and practical to fold and carry until it’s needed.

- The baby wrap can also be used as a changing pad, blanket, shawl, hammock, etc

How does baby wrap look like?