49006900 včetně DPH

Design: Labyrinth
Composition: 55% Cotton (Egypt), 25% Mulberry silk, 14% Alpaca royal, 5% Tencel, 1% Metallic
Weight: approx. 310 gm2 after washing



Royal Alpaca, sometimes also called super baby Alpaca, is an exceptionally soft, gentle wool similar to silk. It is combed by hand only from the backs of young Alpacas. Its pile has a
maximum thickness of 18 microns, is three times warmer than merino, hypoallergenic, without lanolin and is a great choice for people with very sensitive skin. That’s why we chose it together
with the highest quality Mulberry silk for our new wrap. We left it, along with the silk, in its natural state without any treatment, dyeing or bleaching. For the wrap, we chose a labyrinth pattern in
the triweave variant, which highlights the delicacy and softness of the yarns. The meeting with long fiber black and blue Egyptian cotton with a slight admixture of glitter resulted in an elegant
scarf that will hug you like the most beautiful dream.

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