We are a small family business that started weaving baby wraps in 1999 as the first in the Czech Republic. We create our own author’s patterns, in which our memories, acquaintances and experiences are inweaved. We work on the designs carefully and until they are as we envision them. In this way, small works of art are actually created, which not only carry a unique story, but also something of us. As the first “wrap” company in the Czech Republic, and only the fifth in the world, we are undoubtedly pioneers in babywearing and so-called contact parenting. We were at the birth of the spread of babywearing. And it wasn’t an easy start – we introduced babywearing to the laic and professional public, explained its benefits, held babywearing courses throughout the country and did everything to make the idea of satisfying a child’s basic need for close contact with the parent a natural part of baby care. Since the first hand-woven wraps we started with in 1999, we have had two key rules: quality and safety. We only use high-quality and completely harmless yarns, often Italian, which are renowned for both of these properties. But we also choose yarn for our wraps (and scarves) in other exclusively European countries. And just as our wraps support the relationship between parents and children, we also rely on long-term friendships in the process of their production. Babywearing has become very popular since the days of our first (and now literally legendary) pieces, so in 2020 we expanded our carrying family by offering carriers made of our own scarves. At the same time, we used many years of experience with carrying our seven children, as well as the experience of other parents. Jana, a saddler and bag maker, helped us fine-tune the final shape. Her skill and shared enthusiasm, as well as our own desire for perfection, have enabled us to produce a range of elegant growing and strapless baby carriers.

We are not only a family, but primarily a Czech company. We weave and sew all wraps and baby carriers in our homeland. And where can you find us and our carrying aids? After all, in the Vatanai atelier in Prague on Letná, where, in addition to the current collections, you can find samples of all the wraps we have woven. Or come to us at one of the regional babywearing meetings or carrying festivals.

We look forward to meeting you, Jitka and Filip