Sewing a Vatanai Upgrade Andala growing carrier

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Here you can choose which carrier we will sew from your Vatanai wrap and which accessories from the remaining scraps.
An undamaged, washed and ironed Vatnai wrap weighing more than 239 g/m2 is required for the carrier.

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Datum odeslání 9. 12. 2023

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What kind of wrap can the Vatanai non-growing carrier be sewn from?
Any undamaged, washed and ironed Vatanai wrap weighing more than 235g/m2

Required minimum lengths for individual sizes of the carrier:
Classic Upgrade – 2,7m
Toddler – 2,8m
Binding Tai – 4,7m
You need to add 50cm to the droolings, the lengths are indicative – centering the pattern according to the standards we use may use more of the wrap.
After paying for the order, please send the wrap within a week at the latest to the address:
Vatanai, Hradešín 49, 28201 Hradešín or to the post office branch Prague 7, Kamenická 854/12.
Do not forget to mark the package with the order number
In case of any confusion, contact us on tel.: +420608029427 or PM at vatanai – we will be happy to advise you

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